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MINIS COMPETITION TEAM is for Primary Level dancers (ages 5-7} with no or limited dance experience and 0-1 yrs comp experience.  (Please note - AUDITION REQUIRED)


Stage Starz Competition  Minis Jazz & Lyrical Combo (ages 5-7): $70 monthly for 60-minutes weekly class combo includes Jazz and Lyrical comp routines for Primary Level students with no or limited dance class experience and 0-1 yrs comp experience.  

Solo: Standard or Competitive   (Limited Availability - only 14 time slots for 2023-2024 dance year.) Solos are a 30-minute weekly class preparing the dancer with a competitive solo routine. $475 due in full upon registration. (Only 14 slots for 2023-24. Please note! - Slots sold out on the first day, or shortly after, solo registration over the last few years.) Solo registration begins online on a first-to-register basis at 6pm on May 5th, 2023. Only solo registrations with payment in full will be considered reserved. As solos are limited and are reserved with a first-come first-served enrollment, refunds for solo opt-outs for the season (including those based on audition results) will only be given within two weeks of the student’s solo registration. We need to have a strict refund policy so that students do not hold spots with the intention of making a more sincere commitment at a later date, thus taking advantage of the next student’s opportunity.

Stage Starz Minis Competition Duo/Trio (ages 5-7) $45 monthly for 30-minute weekly class prepares dancers with competitive duo or trio routine PLEASE NOTE: Stage Starz Minis must be registered for Minis Comp Jazz/Lyrical Combo to register for a Solo or Duo/Trio. 

(Dance instruction for students interested in dance classes for competitive routines.)

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