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Comp auditions will be held for new hopefuls & returning comp students on SATURDAY, JUNE 11TH 2022.

A $50 2022-23 yearly comp participation fee is due with each online comp audition registration.



12:30-12:50 (Ages 3-5) This audition time is for Preschool level students with no or limited dance experience and 0-1 years comp experience.

1:00-1:20 (Ages 6-8) This audition time is for Primary/Elementary level students with limited dance experience and 0-1 yrs comp experience. This audition time will include all of this year's Minis Comp Dancers and any new hopefuls at Primary/Elementary levels.


1:30-1:50 (Ages 9-12) This audition time is for Intermediate level students with moderate to advancing dance experience. Dancers may have comp experience, though it is not required to audition. This audition time will include all of this year's Junior Comp Dancers and any new hopefuls at Intermediate levels.


2:00-2:20 (Ages 12 & up)  This audition time is for dancers at the Int 2/Advanced Teen levels and will include this year's Teens comp dancers and any new hopefuls at Int2/Advanced Teen levels. Dancers may have competition experience, but it is not required to audition. 


Requirement for 2022-23 competition auditions: So that we have a clear understanding of students' aspirations and how to evaluate returning competitors and new competition hopefuls during auditions, as well as have a framework for team placement considerations during August Intensives, students are required to pre-register for the 2022-23 classes they hope to compete routines in PRIOR to competition auditions.  Convenient online registration can be completed here on our website under the "Comp Classes Registration" dropdown menu and clicking into the "Pre-Register Here for 2022-23 Comp Classes" tab.
To eliminate confusion prior to team placements, you will now just click the desired routines you will want your dancer to participate in. For example, if you want the dancer to compete in comp team Tap and comp team Jazz, you will register for these generic class titles which will not carry team titles or reflect combos (except NEW for 2022-23 Competition Preschool Minis Jazz & Ballet Combo ages 3-5 hopefuls--please register under this combo class title). Simply choose the dance routines you'd like your dancer to compete in and register them in those classes.  Specific team and combo placements will be made after August Intensives. Add all desired classes to your registration by clicking to register, including clicking to add the $20 yearly family registration fee. The pre-registration process for 2022-23 classes will only require  payment of just this $20 yearly family registration fee. 
You can still access descriptions of each team and prices for classes for these levels when on the website by clicking on the corresponding tabs for - Minis, Petites, Juniors or Teens - or in the List of Classes and Prices in our File Downloads. NOTE: THIS YEAR'S MINIS WILL NOW FIND THEIR OPTIONS AND PRICING INFO IN PETITES FOR 2022-23. 

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