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TEEN COMPETITION TEAMS (ages 12+ Level Intermediate 2)



Stage Starz Teen Competition Team Jazz/Lyrical Combo (ages 12+ Level Int 2): $80 monthly for 90-minute weekly class block includes:



PLEASE NOTE: One weekly 45-minute Int2-Advanced Comp Ballet Tech class is required to participate in competition level classes for Teens and Senior Comp Team Groups as well as Teens and Senior Solos, Duos and Trios. All competition solos, duos and trios NOT in a comp group, still must take one weekly Comp Ballet Tech class for Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary or MT.

Stage Starz Teen/Sr Competition Team REQUIRED WEEKLY BALLET TECH (ages 12+ Int2 - Advanced): $38 Monthly

Stage Starz Teen Competition Team TAP Group (ages 12+ Level Int 2 ): $55 monthly for 60-minute weekly class block includes:

30 MINUTES REQUIRED TEEN COMP GROUP TAP TECH (tech only – no performance routine)

30 MINUTES TEEN COMP GROUP TAP ROUTINE PLEASE NOTE: Stage Starz TEEN TAP Competition Team’s REQUIRED Tap Tech Class is Built into this Class Block 

Stage Starz Mixed-Age MUSICAL THEATER Group Competition Routine: includes: $38 monthly for 45-minute weekly competition novelty musical theater character-jazz style competition group routine class. 

 We additionally offer Flexibility & Conditioning and Turns, Leaps, & Jumps classes. These technique-enhancing classes are not mandatory for competitors, but are highly recommended for dancers seeking a higher level of clean lines, increased extension, and greater agility and control for a polished, next-level performance.

Int2 - Advanced Flexibility & Conditioning Tech Class- 
45-minute weekly class with focus on stretching, flexibility, and extensions. $38 monthly

Int2 - Advanced Turns, Leaps, & Jumps Tech Class - 45-minute weekly tech class with focus on stationary & across-the-floor turns, leaps, & jumps . $38 monthly

Solo: Standard or Competitive (Limited Availability - only 14 time slots for 2024-2025 dance year.) Solos are a 30-minute weekly class preparing the dancer with a competitive or standard solo routine. $475 is due in full upon registration. (Only 14 slots for 2024-2025. Please note! - Slots sold out on the first day, or shortly after, solo registration over the last few years.) Solo registration begins online on a first-to-register basis at 6pm on May 3rd, 2024. Only solo registrations with payment in full will be considered reserved. As solos are limited and are reserved with a first-come first-served enrollment, refunds for solo opt-outs for the season will only be given in the event that a student registers for the solo with the intention to compete the solo and is not selected for competition participation for the solo during auditions. In that case, the student may opt to use their solo slot for a standard solo or resign their solo registration and be refunded by way of an email or otherwise written request made for said refund within two weeks of the emailed audition results. No other refunds shall apply. Due to the popularity of solos and the limited number of solo slots, we must have a strict refund policy so that students do not hold spots with the intention of making a more sincere commitment at a later date, thus taking advantage of the next student’s opportunity.

PLEASE NOTE: Stage Starz Teen Solo Competitors NOT already in Teen Comp Group & attending REQUIRED weekly Int2-Adv Ballet Tech for their Teen Comp Groups, or Teen Comp Tap Tech (within Tap Comp Block) MUST attend one weekly  Int2- Adv Ballet Tech Class if performing a Comp Jazz/Lyrical Solo & a Teen Comp Tap Tech Class if doing a Comp Tap Solo. *Tuition for Ballet Tech is NOT due in full with solo registration for weekly Ballet Tech Class or for Comp Tap Tech. AGAIN this is NOT a requirement for students already in comp group and taking the required weekly Ballet or Tap Tech.

Stage Starz Teen Competition Duo/Trio (ages 12+): $45 monthly for 30-minute weekly class prepares dancers with competitive duo or trio routine.

PLEASE NOTE: Stage Starz  Teen Competition Duo/Trio Competitors NOT already in Teen Comp Group and attending REQUIRED Ballet Tech (with Teen Comp Groups) or Teen Comp Tap Tech (within Tap Comp Group) MUST attend one weekly Int - Adv Ballet Tech Class if performing a Comp Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary or MT Duo/Trio and the weekly Comp Tap Tech if doing a Comp Tap Duo/Trio. *An additional cost for this required weekly tech will be due monthly. AGAIN, this is NOT a requirement for comp duo/trio students already in comp groups and taking the required competition Ballet or Tap Tech class for group or solos. This tech requirement is only for comp duo/trio students NOT already taking the required tech within their other comp requirements. 

Int2 - Advanced Ballet Tech: a REQUIRED WEEKLY BALLET TECH for Teen and Senior competitors (ages 12 and up): $38 Monthly

(Ballet Tech class required for comp, except Tap)

Int2 - Advanced Tap Tech: a REQUIRED WEEKLY TAP TECH for Teen and Senior competitors not in Comp Tap Group (ages 12 and up): $35 Monthly

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